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    Yunuén de la Mora Academia de Teatro Musical, Mexico
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    Spy Hop Productions, USA
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    RYSE Center, USA
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    Reel Youth, Canada
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    Littleglobe, Inc., USA
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    Espaço Cultural A Era do Rádio, Brazil
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    Destiny Art Center, USA & Salt Lake City Prayasam, India
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    Creative Action, USA
Adobe Creativity Grants

All grantees and projects must comply with the applicable public health guidelines in their respective countries and by the World Health Organization, Health Canada, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Please postpone applications for any program delivery that involves in-person gatherings in the organizational hubs until further notice.

Adobe Creative Cloud Donation Program

Creative youth organizations are encouraged to apply for a donation of Creative Cloud Shared Device Licenses that includes Apps such as: Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, and InDesign. Eligible organizations can be awarded shared device licenses for up to 50 devices!

Organizations must demonstrate in their application a deep alignment to Adobe's mission of ensuring equitable access to creative education for youth ages 13 to 25. In addition, organizations must hold a non-for-profit charity with tax-exempt status (proof of status required) and facilitate digital media programming. Applications for the Creative Cloud Donations Program are accepted on a rolling-bases.

To learn more about the Adobe Creative Cloud Donation Program or see if your organization qualifies, please email us at

Adobe Project Grant

Grant Amount: $10,000 USD

The Adobe Project Grants allow creative youth development organizations to implement a project that expands and/or deepens the creative opportunities they provide youth. Organizations may, for example, propose support for:

  • Projects that enable young creators to increase the visibility and impact of their creativity in their communities and beyond.
  • Partnerships with creative industries to expand creative career development opportunities for youth, creative mentors, and staff.
  • Collaborations with guest artists that introduce new media making skills to the organization.
  • Digital/distance collaborations with creative youth organizations in other cities or countries exploring a shared theme.
adobe project grant Application Closed

The project must:

Support Creativity: Support young creatives to use creativity as a tool for empowerment and expression.

Provide Opportunities: Provide space for youth to take on leadership roles and access to the tools to create impactful and inspiring media pieces.

Implement Professional Development: Facilitate skills development opportunities for youth to learn and enhance their creative, technical, cognitive, and personal life skills.

Applications for the Adobe Project Grants are accepted three times in one calendar year and organizations will receive an update on the application status within 30 days of submitting, unless communicated otherwise. Organizations applying must hold a non-for-profit charity with tax-exempt status and facilitate digital media programming. All organizations that receive funding from an Adobe Creativity Grant are automatically accepted for the Creative Cloud Donation Program. Students and young alumni from these organizations also become eligible to apply for the Adobe Creativity Scholarship (provided they meet additional criteria).

Application for the 2020 Adobe Project Grant is now closed

Frequenly Asked Questions

  • Who can apply for an Adobe Creativity Grant?

    Creative youth development organizations can apply for an Adobe Creativity Grant. In order to be eligible, organizations must hold a non-for-profit charity with tax-exempt status and facilitate core digital media programming dedicated to allowing youth to develop creative, technical, and personal skills for career and life. The application must demonstrate that your organization:

    1. Is primarily dedicated to providing arts education to youth between the ages of 13 and 25 years old.
    2. Is committed to digital media production as a creative art form and/or means for sharing artwork.
    3. Engages creativity as a force for social impact and/or positive youth development.
    4. Holds access and equity as a key dimension of its mission and programming.
    5. Holds nonprofit status. Nonprofit organizations based in the United States must be registered as a 501(c)(3). Note: The application will require proof of tax-exempt status.
    6. Have at least one paid, full-time employee on staff.

    We cannot consider:

    • For-profit organizations
    • Individuals
    • Private foundations, donor-advised funds, or charitable gift funds
    • Churches and/or houses of worship that will use support for non-secular activities
    • Political organizations or organizations intervening in political campaigns
    • Organizations that do not meet Adobe's standards regarding discriminatory practices*

    *Adobe and TakingITGlobal strive to create a pleasant, productive, and creative work environment for all employees. To that end, we are committed to providing a workplace that is free from unlawful discrimination and harassment against any person on the basis of sex, age, race, color, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, marital status, disability, veteran status, gender identity or any other classification protected by applicable law. We want to partner with organizations that share these values with us.

  • What happens after you apply for the software donation or a project grant?

    Your completed application will be reviewed by the TakingITGlobal and Adobe team. You may receive a follow-up email or a call request for clarification and/or further information regarding the organization and the digital programs offered. You will receive an update on your application status within 30 days of submitting, unless communicated otherwise.

  • How many times can an organization submit applications for the Adobe Creativity Grants?

    Organizations can apply and receive one Adobe Project Grant grant in a calendar year. All organizations that receive funding from an Adobe Project Grant are automatically accepted for the Creative Cloud Donation Program.

  • Can organizations allocate funds from the Adobe Project Grant to purchase hardware?

    Yes, organizations may allot up to $3,000 of the grant funds to access equipment needed for media production projects. This could include computers, video cameras, iPhones, iPads, 360 cameras, drones, etc. Organizations must demonstrate in the application the capacity of the staff to use and implement the use of how these hardwares will teach new skills to the participants youths and increase longevity of the organization’s programming.

    If you are planning to purchase hardware, you must demonstrate this in your proposed budget outline (excluding taxes). You must purchase and submit a Proof of Purchase Report within 30 days of receiving the funds.

If you have any further questions regarding the Adobe Creativity Grants or need assistance with applying, please email